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Friday, May 20, 2016

John Berry was a founding member of the Beastie Boys!!!

Updated 1:53 PM ET, Fri May 20, 2016

(CNN) John Berry, the founding member of the Beastie Boys and the person who came up with the groundbreaking hip hop group's name, has died. He was 52.

Berry died Thursday morning at a hospice in Danvers, Massachusetts.

He suffered from frontotemporal dementia and his health had been failing for several years, his father, John Berry III, said.
Frontotemporal dementia shrinks brain tissues and leads to changes in personality and behavior, and difficulties with language.
"It's nice to see the outpouring of love and support for our son," Berry III said, after his son's death. "He was a tremendous son, a tremendous musician, and quite a wonderful artist."

The Beastie Boys, who blended punk and rap, burst on the music scene in 1986 with the album "Licensed to Ill," which included hits such as "(You Gotta) Fight for the Right (to Party"), an anthem to teen angst; "Brass Monkey" and "No Sleep Till Brooklyn."
Their success in hip-hop was notable at a time when the music form was dominated by African-American performers.
"The group's music crossed genres and color lines, and helped bring rap to a wider audience," said Neil Portnow, president of the Recording Academy.
But Berry had departed long before then

He played on the band's first EP, "Polly Wog Stew," but left the group shortly afterward.

The band thanked Berry, calling him a formative member, when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Do you have what it takes to be a Music Manager?

*Comments from Barry Brown (B. Brown) - The Art of Music Management

There are a lot of people connected to the music industry in some form or fashion. The one position that a lot of people believe they will be successful in is the position of Manager. It is probably the 2nd most popular position chosen next to being the actual ARTIST.

talent manager, also known as an artist managerband manager or music manager, is an individual or company who guides the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry. The responsibility of the talent manager is to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of an artist; advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect their career.[1]

The roles and responsibilities of a talent manager vary slightly from industry to industry, as do the commissions to which the manager is entitled. For example, a music manager's duties differ from those managers who advise actors, writers, or directors. A manager can also help artists find an agent, or help them decide when to leave their current agent and identify who to select as a new agent.[2] Talent agents have the authority to make deals for their clients while managers usually can only informally establish connections with producers and studios but do not have the ability to negotiate contracts.

Modern talents managers are associated with all artistic fields, sports, as well as various fields in business.
[citation needed] Talent agents have at times been covered in the music or art press almost as intently as artists themselves.
A music manager (or band manager) may handle career areas for 
bandssingers, and DJs. A music manager may be hired by a musician or band, or the manager may discover the band, and the relationship is usually contractually bound with mutual assurances, warranties, performances guarantees, and so forth. The manager's main job is to help with determining decisions related to career moves, bookings, promotion, business deals, recording contracts, etc. The role of music managers can be extensive and may include similar duties to that of a press agent, promoter, booking agent, business manager (who are usually certified public accountants), tour managers, and sometimes even a personal assistant.

--- Wikipedia

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ARTISTS, are you ready to learn how to separate yourself from rest?

I was judging an Open-Mic event this past Monday night, and it's amazing how many artists (rap artists in particular) sound alike. As a matter of fact, most of these aspiring artists don't even dress like star artists. So if you sound like everyone else, your style/image does not stand out and you are just jumping around with a whole bunch of people onstage with you, how do you separate yourself from all the other artists? Plus you are not talking about anything in your lyrics. Is everyone selling drugs? Artists, there are other things to talk about in your songs, trust me.

If you are interested in learning more about the industry that you say you want to be a part of, contact B. Brown of BREG for entertainment consulting at 678.883.2734 or

You may also be interested in BRAND YOUR SWAG, the ebook! Learn how to build your music and business empire!

Click on this link for BRAND YOUR SWAG (eBook)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Evening of Ascension and Giving with TAVARES STEPHENS!!!

Tickets Now Available
View this email in your browser

Join Us for a Powerful Experience of Music, Worship and Artistic Expression

An Evening of Ascension and Giving with Tavares Stephens

Join Tavares Stephens for An Evening of Ascension and Giving at Salt and Light Truth Center. The night promises to usher in the spirit of God in such a way that worship is the experience. Tavares will minister pieces from his new gospel/spoken word album entitled, The Ascension Project. Evoking the spirit of the Psalms, The Ascension Project is a ground-breaking compilation aimed at worshiping God through music, song, and poetry.
Visit for more information.

Event Details

December 7, 2013
Salt and Light Truth Center
2622 Snapfinger Road
Decatur, GA 30034

7 PM

$20 [in advance]  $25 [at the door]
Eventbrite - An Evening of Ascension & Giving with Tavares Stephens
Winter Coat Drive 

Tavares and his team are also using the event to help provide winter coats to those in need. Please bring slightly used winter coats to be donated via Hosea Feed the Homeless.

Let's all be the change we want to see!

Video: Fifth Aisle, Fourth Row

Video: Sweet Communion

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Entertainment Consulting - Do you need assistance in setting up a Radio Campaign?

By:  B. Brown --- Bar-Red Entertainment Group (BREG)

When it comes time to invest in your career, I advise that you do your research, interview potential service providers and choose wisely!

As the music industry continues to change, shift & transform, it is a great opportunity for rising, independent and established artists to carve out a place for themselves in the marketplace.

Most artists are one hit song away from reaching a level of success that brings fame and money, and the right radio campaign can help you reach your goals!!!

One thing hasn't changed, which is testing your record and getting as much feedback as possible to see if you need to keep pushing the record or introduce a new record from your catalog.

Here's an example of a Radio Campaign Package & Service that BREG can provide:

30 - Day Radio Campaign
-300+ Weekly Plays
-4 Weekly Airplay Reports
-Submission to 2500 monitored stations (2-3 radio formats)
-BDS & Mediabase Encode and Tagging to ensure airplay monitoring accuracy
-All Stations PAY royalties through Performance Rights Organizations and Soundexchange. Artist receive 100% 
of all royalties. 
-Weekly Airplay Reports include station names, location & total spin count
-Station Links to first rotations for airplay verifcation
-Station deliverys include MTV, AOL, Rhapsody, Yahoo Radio, Live365, Shoutcast, College, FM, Europe, Canada, Napster, UK and China Radio.

-Weekly resubmissions to ensure AIRPLAY, station reviews and airplay considerations!

*For more information, contact:

Telephone:  678.883.2734


Monday, April 22, 2013

Authors & Speakers Academy - May 4, 2013; *BREG Special Discounted Price!!!

HU AUTHORS & SPEAKERS ACADEMY at the Georgia World Congress Center on Saturday, May 4, 2013!!! --- 285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW, Room C203, Atlanta, GA - Downtown Atlanta)

The HU AUTHORS & SPEAKERS ACADEMY is for anyone that has... (or wants to start) a business, wants to write a book, wants to get paid to speak, or otherwise monetize their expertise. If you are serious about changing your life and the lives of others, the HU Authors & Speakers Academy is your opportunity to "Learn & Earn!!!"

- Saturday, May 4, 2013 --- 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM

- Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) in Downtown Atlanta, Room C203
BREG has *Special Discounted Price tickets for $299.00 instead of the Regular Priced $399.00 tickets.
Contact me directly at 678.883.BREG (2734);

One Love!




*Special Discounted Price Tickets for $299.00 (Regular Price $399.00) for The Authors & Speakers Academy on Saturday, May 4, 2013!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Do You Know What It Takes To Make A Hit Record?

Insight from: B. Brown (BREG)

When it comes to knowing how to make a hit record, no one can tell you exactly what to do and bam, you have a hit record!!! But there are some things you can do to increase the chances of having a hit song and several (if not all) of those elements that most hit songs possess are listed below.

I've had the pleasure of working with some very talented artists in the studio and they have all given it 110%, but of course all the songs have not become hits.

So you see, we can all work hard in the studio, but let's pay attention to some of the key things that we can do to increase our chances of having a hit record!!!

Enjoy the information below, and let me know if your next song becomes a hit!!!

One Love!!!

*From the A&R Section of

What Are The Essential Features Of a Hit Record?
We have all heard those hit songs that can be considered ‘timeless classics’.
Whether it’s a hip hop track, a rock classic or an 80’s power ballad, these songs share some essential features that ensure they will be on the airwaves for years to come. Obviously there is not one hard and fast rule for this as every song is different, but here is a list of features that many of these hit records share.

A ‘catchy’ song

Starting with the obvious, a hit record must be a great song. Above all the melody must be strong, as this is what a listener focuses on and this should be accompanied by some great lyrics and a good groove. You can apply the best production techniques possible, but if the song is weak then the record will sink without a trace!

A strong vocal

Having a great vocal is a real asset to any record. If you have a quality song and you have a strong vocalist to sing the melody, then this can be the golden ticket to creating a hit record. A great vocal does not necessarily need to be technically proficient, but more to do with how a singer can successfully interpret the emotion in the song i.e. how they can convey the message in the lyrics.

A creative arrangement

After the song and the vocal, you need to ensure you have a strong arrangement. This involves using the right structure and ensuring each section of the music is interesting for the listener. This can be achieved by adding extra instruments, adding a counter melody, changing the drum pattern, or changing the key etc. Have a listen to some hit songs, and pay attention to the subtle differences between each section. How is verse 2 different to verse 1? How is the last chorus different to the first?

An accomplished performance

You may have the heard the crude expression “You can’t goldplate a turd” and this definitely applies to creating a hit record. A track must sound like there is ‘life’ in the performance and no amount of editing in the studio, fiddling with EQ’s, compression or reverb can replicate this. It can be hard to put your finger on it at times, which is all the more frustrating, but sometimes one take just sounds better than another. If you have musicians who put there all into a performance and play with real emotion and intensity, then the production phase becomes far easier!

A well produced track

Although there are examples of hit songs which don’t technically sound very good, generally the really big and timeless records do sound excellent. A well engineered record does not guarantee it will be a smash, especially if the song, vocal, arrangement and performance are not up to scratch, but it can add an extra dimension to the overall sound, if the EQ’s are well balanced and the right amount of reverb and compression is applied.

The timeless factor

Despite having all the previous factors in place, if the track sounds like the last trend, and the musicians or band members look like it too, then the record might not take off as you would like. Having said that, a ‘retro’ look and sound to a band can work out really well if you go back two or more trends.

Are all the above factors essential for every hit song?

Well in short, no.

There will always be some songs which become hit records and cannot be explained. You will find some songs with weak vocals and melodies which take the charts by storm.

However, on most of the really big hits, you will find they contain the majority, if not all, of the factors in this article. Songs like “Merry Christmas Everybody” by Slade will be heard every December in shopping malls and on the radio. Other hits like “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson and “Imagine” by John Lennon will be played all year round for many years to come.

Would you like some great tips on how to write a song and compose music in any style? Download a FREE 10-page guide on “5 Essential Elements On How To Improve Your Music Making In Any Style” at